QualiProSH E

Dipl.-Kfm. Danny Franke (Projektleitung, vorn), Dr. Albrecht Iwersen (Stellvertretung, hinten) 

QualiProSecondHand Electro

Description "Qualification specialist for used electrical appliance"
The analyses that are carried out by the first Leonardo project "QualiProSecondHand" within the European Second Hand sector as well as expert discussion at the end of the second Leonardo project QualiProSH II have clearly demonstrated that especially the business field used electrical appliance becomes more and more important in the near future. Two more reasons why this business field is growing in whole Europe are on one hand the demand of the EU to promote the recycling and reuse of products through appropriate measures and on the other hand the environmental awareness of the consumers and their changed behaviour. Furthermore the business field is frequently used by job placement companies to train disadvantaged people, to inure long-term unemployed people again to work and to open them new career prospects and to prepare disadvantaged young people for VET. Because there is no accepted and across borders comparable and uniform European-wide qualification in this business field, in the Erasmus+ project QualiProSH Electro should be developed and tested a specific qualification on the basis of the results of the previous projects. Only through appropriate qualification initiatives and learning methods and concepts that are adapted to the specifics of the business field and that can give people the necessary know-how, the future and increasing requirements can be handled. The actual available, mostly punctual and not business field specific qualification measures cannot meet the requirements. The basis to improve the quality could be a uniform European-wide and work process-related qualification that based on quality standards, which can be obtained from the empirical results of the project "QualiProSecondHand". The developed and tested qualification profile includes on one hand work processes and requirements that occur in all Second Hand business fields and on the other hand specific work processes and requirements that occur only in the business field used electrical appliance as well as the needed social skills to do all necessary work processes and tasks. The qualification covers in total 10 qualification modules with all necessary materials (rough and fine concept, teaching and learning materials).

The project QualiProSH Electro comprises partners from five European countries. The project will be aimed the development of three business field specific modules and two modules, where needed social skills are taught and the summarization of these five new modules and five already finished modules from the previous project QualiProSH II to a total qualification named specialist for used electrical appliance. Afterwards the qualification will be adapted by the partners to the framework of the partner countries, implemented, tested and optimized. Based on the results a general uniform European-wide qualification concept for the transfer to all EU-countries will be developed. This concept can be easy transferred, adapted and implemented in other EU-countries. The main contents of the 10 modules also will be prepared as webinares to offer the possibility to teach parts via internet. Thus the learning independence from places and the learning mobility should be promoted. By the implementation of a European-wide uniform business field specific and on work process-related quality standards based qualification new employment prospects in the labour market should be created and the mobility of employees can be improved by the comparability of their competencies and know-how. Through a uniform qualification the quality within the enterprises will be improved and the professionalisation will be expedited. Beside the development of the qualification the project involves the development of an assessment instrument to identify the need of qualification in the business field on the basis of a similar instrument that was developed in the previous project.



  • Development of three business field specific qualification modules and two social skills modules inclusive a didactical concepts and teaching and learning materials: 
          - Storage and transport of used electrical appliance 
          - Cleaning and repairing of used electrical appliance 
          - Dismantling and disposing of used electrical appliance 
          - Social skills I 
          - Social skills II
  • National implementation strategy for a qualification testing and adapted national qualification concepts
  • Uniform European-wide qualification concept “specialist for used electrical appliance
  • Main content prepared as webinares of all ten modules and a guideline how to use webinares
  • Assessment instrument to identify the existing competencies and skills
  • Proposals for financing and implementation of the overall concept in the partner countries and the EU

Implementation and testing methods
In the framework of the implementation of the qualification specialist for used electrical appliance five new and business field-specific qualification modules based on work process-related standards and five in the previous project developed basis modules will be summarized to a total qualification that will be implemented, tested and optimized in the partner countries. For this, the qualification is adapted to the respective country conditions, an implementation strategy for the testing is developed and a qualification network of trainers and employees is established in each partner country. Furthermore the developed assessment instrument will be tested in each country during the testing period. Both the qualification (testing) and the assessment instrument will be evaluated to identify lacks and to optimize the products. The quality standards for qualification concepts in the European Second Hand sector that are created in the project "QualiProSecondHand" and adapted in the project "QualiProSH II" are the basis for the new qualification and the testing of it.